Friday, August 8, 2014

Bobby Schilling Living "Pay Check to Pay Check" - on a Six Figure Salary

I never thought I would feel sorry for poor Bobby Schilling, but now I learn he is living "pay check to pay check". There is only one problem, he makes over $100,000/year and has over $900,000 in assets.

How out of touch can one person be? From the Capital Fax story:
He works for CMB Regional Centers of Rock Island. The company pools money from foreign investors who want permanent residency and investment opportunities in the United States. It utilizes the federal EB-5 visa program, which extends visas to foreign investors willing to put at least $500,000 into projects that create or preserve at least 10 jobs in the U.S.

His actual quote from the interview is:
“These increases, these are on our working poor, our middle class, hardworking taxpayers here across the United States of America. And now these folks are going to have to decide am I going to pay this premium or am I going to go buy some milk and groceries for the house. It’s really getting tough for everyone. Everyone that I talk to, I don’t hear them saying ‘hey, I’m doing great’. And the folks that are living paycheck-to-paycheck, which is most Americans, including myself, is that, you know, this is not something that you want to be putting out when you’ve got a kid that wants to play sports or you want to take a trip for vacation. Instead, you’ve got to funnel your money over to Obamacare, which is something you might never have to use.”

I guess he is saying that people want to prioritize sports and vacations ahead of health insurance. He seems to forget that many of the lower income people he is talking about are getting insurance either at a deeply reduced cost through a subsidy, or are getting it for free through Medicaid.

His interview is below. The "pay check to pay check" remark is at about the six minute mark.